After many years of ill health, I was introduced to an Iridologyst Holisitc Practitioner in 1991 which totallyy changed my well-being. After studying my iris and told me my entire health history, I knew that there was hope because it was the first time that I was not told my illness was "all in my head". He then guided me through a very intense nutritional detox program. the results were amazingly impressive and awakened the memories of my grandmother nursing me to health. I then dedicated my health to a life-long study of alternative medicine modalities and returned to school once again. Throughout the years of practice, digestive wellness became a priority in my practice. As I worked with clients all over the world, I focused on educating them to take charge of their health to peel of layers

of pounds, toxins and years of aging to blossom into a youthful, healthy and confident individuals, regaining vigor and vitality.. It became apparent that the digestive system is the key to vital overall wellness. I envisioned a beautiful center in New York City where busy working people can receive health education and holistic therapies to restore their digestive system thus promoting a healthy and youthful body while restoring their beauty and longevity through preventative action. These thoughts gave birth to a beautiful Digestive Wellness Institute right in the hearth of Brooklyn, New York. My wellness philosophy is simple: better to fully enjoy life to the last minute and die happy and satisfied at a ripe old age, as the likes of the ancient Biblical patriarchs Noah and Abraham, rather than passively await death is a barely active body.

Around the age of five, my digestive system took a terrible turn. At the hospital, my father prescribed anti-parasitic medication which brought great relief. However, once I returned home, my grand mother squeezed leaves to make me green juices along with herbal baths, oils and teas.

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The Digestive Wellness Center of New York

Our goal is to assist people in taking responsibility for their well-being through digestive restoration therapies thus supporting them in internalizing and actualizing an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain. Such well-being is available to everyone who is willing to tend to and nurture their digestive restoration and mental well-being. With the proper guidance, this process is not only attainable but also brings confidence, enthusiasm, strength and joyfulness which trigger a life of optimum achievement. At Digestive Wellness Center of New York, our caregivers strive to provide the needed tools for wellness through positive mindset and digestive restoration.


Digestive Wellness Centre

1437 Flatbush Avenue - Suite 2
Brooklyn, NY 11210
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