Steps to Enrolment at the Digestive Wellness Center for Colon Hydrotherapy

Your interest in this course is our absolute delight.  The profession of colon hydrotherapy offers amazing reward.  This is a profession for committed men and women who are making a big difference in the world of holistic health.  Our goal is to train each and every one of our students to make a difference for themselves and others in their health journey.

Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Cleanse, High Colonics, Colonics, Enema, High Enema are all terms referring to the cleansing of the colon.  As a prospective student in the field of Colon Hydrotherapy, it may be wise to research the legality of colon hydrotherapy in your State and/or your country.  Please use wisdom in your research by seeking the counsel of either an attorney, paralegal, or legal advisor be sure to have all their advice in written form on a law firm letterhead.

Please call our office at 718-676-1500 to arrange a pre-enrolment telephone interview. At the conclusion of this interview, enrolment paperwork will be emailed to you. Acceptance to our program is conditional upon receipt of ALL enrolment paperwork into our office within 5 days.

Please arrive promptly on the first date of the course.  We welcome you with an orientation dinner and the Colon Hydrotherapy Overview lecture. Please dress comfortable for this event and be ready for your adventure.

Tuition fee for FOUNDATION LEVEL 1
includes 1 hour welcome massage, books and study materials, all meals that we prepare together and 3 colonic treatments. Tuition for Level 1 is $3000. Once you are accepted into the course, we require a deposit of $1500 to hold your space. The balance of $1500 is due 20 days prior to the first day of the course. Please call our office to authorize a credit card debit or send a check by that deadline. You may pay with a check, Master Card, Visa or American Express. Once we receive your first payment, we will send you the home study material to complete as well as your acceptance letter. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please ask us. We are pleased to provide DISCOUNTS FOR EARLY REGISTRATION AND GROUP RATES.

  1.  Once your deposit is received, we need documentation of the following:
    1.  High School Diploma or higher
    2. Copy of transcript documenting a minimum of 30 hours of Anatomy & Physiology (3 Credit Hours)**
    3. Health Care State license (if attained)
    4. Current CPR qualification card

**Transcript of A&P and CPR are required to be eligible for certification by I-ACT only.  They are not necessary for you to take our course for your own development.

  1. We will then send your home study materials. You must complete the FINAL EXAM from this book with a minimum score of 75% in order to earn your 100-hour diploma. This must be finished prior to attending and we will score in class. There is also an evaluation process for practicum that will be a separate grade score during your clinical hours under supervision.
  2. As you work on the study materials at home, we suggest you invest in a good Medical Dictionary. You may find one in a used bookstore. Please note the pages of the study material that you want to ask about so this can be discussed during the course. If you have studied anatomy and need to refresh your memory, please purchase the Anatomy Coloring Book and color the digestive system pages. This is a big help in preparing. If you have not had any study in Anatomy and Physiology, you will need to complete a 30 hour course either online or through your community college in order to be eligible for I-ACT certification. This is not required if attendance in our program is for personal growth. Online courses available at or

Your acceptance to our program is conditioned upon receipt of ALL enrolment paperwork. This paperwork will be emailed to you after your initial telephone interview.

The course hours are from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm with resting time. On the last day we work from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm with our anatomy presentations and optional certification testing. Our focus is on practice. Please wear white lab coat and white shoes with rubber soles during clinical practice days. We allow NO STREET shoes in our clinic. You will be scheduled for 3 treatments during the course at no extra cost. It will help to have no night activities during your course and to arrange a specific study area for yourself when you go home.  This helps you stay focused on the program.

You will be invited to join I-ACT, which has over 2,600 professional members in over 30 countries. If you plan to join, we suggest you take the Foundation Level 1 EXAM on the last day of class while the information is fresh in your mind. First year membership dues cost $150 plus $75 for the test fee: Payable to I-ACT. If you choose to join I-ACT, they will mail you a membership certificate. After you have completed all of the requirements for Level 1 you will receive your FOUNDATION LEVEL certificate from I-ACT (see I-ACT requirement page). This is optional. Many people attend our program for their own personal growth.

During your 8-Day training program, we dedicate Friday night to your accomplishment by having an open night for your guests.  You will deliver a 15 minute introduction about your profession.   We present the school diploma to each participant, who has fulfilled all requirements.

Our school provides organic meals during your 8-Day Intensive Colon Hydrotherapy Program!
We share in all meal preparation & clean up activities.

We offer all necessary instruments and supplies at a discounted rate.  We also provide professional spa design and clinic layout services to help you embark confidently in creating a healing environment for your practice.  We are very interested in your success and provide job placement and advanced courses for your growth and development.  Please allow us to assist you in your professional endeavours!

We want you to feel renewed, relaxed, and supported.
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