FOUNDATION COLON HYDROTHERAPHY COURSE (8-Hour Intensive Certification Program)
The Digestive Wellness Centre Certification Program offers personal and professional experiences in four principle areas
  • Digestive Wellness Centre and living foods nutritional education
  • Personal renewal journey of discovery with realized self-actualization
  • Cutting-edge wellness therapies
  • Hands-on coaching program
Orientation & Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment Overview
2 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
5 Hours
5 Hours
5 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
35 Hours
2 Hours
Business Fundamentals/CHT Regulations & Laws
CHT Professional Ethics
History and Theory of Colon Hydrotherapy & Test Review
Clinic Preparation
Digestive Anatomy and Physiology & Pathology
Introduction to CHT & Abdominal Assessment
Nutrition for Digestive Restoration
Whole Body Integration & Nutritional Supplements
Exercise for a Healthy Colon
Basic CHT Massage Theory & Techniques
Documented Independent CHT Clinic Internship
I-ACT Review & Exam

Digestive Wellness Centre is an I-ACT certified school for Colon Hydrotherapy that has the distinction of teaching the 120-hour Foundation of Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Program with main emphasis on digestion restoration.  The focus of our education emphasizes the integration of spirit, mind and body.  All programs of study require that the learner consciously acknowledge the interdependency of spiritual, psychological and physical health.  We continue to take a lead in offering high-quality education with a broad-based curriculum that provides a solid foundation for each individual in a professional wellness setting.

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    • Our 120-hour certification course for colon hydrotherapy includes a home study course of Anatomy and Physiology along with class hours hands-on training where students gain knowledge and skills in the following:
    • Body structure and function processes; equipment maintenance, sanitization, disinfection, and colonic hydrotherapy equipment operation; detoxification and healing; nutrition; reflexology (optional) – in addition to standard training in preserving integrity and professionalism; basic business administration related to colon hydrotherapy practice.
    • We offer the I-ACT coursework for Levels 1, 2 and 3.  The 120-hour Foundation level course will enable you to become a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist to work in the field or begin your own practice.
    • Equipment Our state-of-the-art Class I and II FDA-cleared colon hydrotherapy systems allow us to regulate temperature and pressure while maintaining maximum safety with high quality three-stage filtration systems.  We are happy to introduce you to both, the open and close systems for a well-rounded educational program.
    • Anatomy & Physiology Lectures
    • Anatomy & Physiology Additional study and detailed discussion is given to digestive organ physiology, the internal and external causes of disease, numerous theories including the six external pernicious influences, the seven emotions, diet theory, the eight principle patterns of disharmony, cold induced disorders, and warm disease theory. Various disorders are addressed with which a Colon Hydrotherapist may come in contact. Learn signs and symptoms to help you assess whether or not CHT is appropriate for your client. Universal precautions will be discussed. Our focus understanding the components of the digestive systems discussions, demonstrations and clinical experiences will enhance your abilities through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations to enhance your abilities and clinical experience as well as identification of the components of the organ that make up the digestive systems along with the allied systems such as the nervous system, circulatory and lymphatic systems.
    • Indications & Contraindications are discussed in depth and all aspects of Colon Hydrotherapy are covered.
    • Hygiene & Sanitation Special considerations are discussed and all aspects of hygiene, sanitation and safety are covered. Once this aspect is completed, prepare to begin work in a supervised clinical setting.
    • Hands-On Course Work Student Clinic & Charting Clinical sessions are discussed and students are given the opportunity to learn techniques specific to their client needs. Learn to broaden your knowledge base with assessment skills and charting. Gain a great deal of hands-on experience through working at the Student Clinic in your individual internship. Perform therapeutic CHT and relaxation techniques on clients under supervision. Implement the theory and techniques in a professional setting. This experience will help students develop self-confidence, expertise and professionalism. Students must document 25 CHT treatments.
    • Business Fundamentals/CHT Regulations and Laws Explore the importance of professional boundaries and the complexities of ethical considerations in the hands-on healing service professions. Learn to establish a robust, appropriate framework for therapist-client relationships. Focus on the importance of sound business, ethical issues that colon hydrotherapists face and professional image. Legal aspects of clinical practice will be considered along with current regulations. Marketing, advertising, business plans, job seeking, risk management, will all be covered. Learn the nuts and bolts of finding employment as a colon hydrotherapist and setting up your own practice with emphasis on professional ethics and business practices. This course fulfills I-ACT requirements for colon hydrotherapists.
    • Colon Hydrotherapy Filling Techniques and Uses Learn the location, energetic aspects, indications, and regional anatomy of major colon points. Fellow students will precisely locate points on one another, according to anatomical terminology with thorough understanding of the major indications and contra-indications. Students will also learn how to stimulate commonly used points by using various acupressure techniques. Learn to understand Colon Psychotherapeutic techniques. Most importantly, learn the Shimadai filling techniques for various CHT challenges.
    • Abdominal Massage Modalities Explore many modalities with demonstration, discussion, and practice, and receive intensive hands-on instruction in abdominal palpation, including sphincter identification, complimentary therapies, use of hand and foot reflexology, aromatherapy and essential oils application, and energy techniques. such as practical application of basic CHT massage practices, second-term pregnancy CHT technique. Learn a variety of ways to apply pressure with emphasis to colon release points with abdominal exploration touch hot stone therapy, and acupressure.
    • Breathing Techniques Through lectures, demonstrations, and practice, learn several CHT breathing techniques. These include abdomen igloo, abdominal breathing, belly rolling, slow lung expansion. Learn to use these modalities to complement and enhance your colon hydrotherapy work. Increase your awareness in integrated body, mind, and spirit while you continually refresh your own inner sources of energy to help you perform emotionally challenging CHT work. Add an extra dimension to session by becoming more sensitive to the client, for deeper levels of relaxation to help effectuate better releases.
    • Nutritional Supplements Enjoy lively demonstrations and discussions of nutritional supplements as a complementary method to help restore digestion and build up the immune system.
    • I-ACT Preparation Exam
    • Review and study in preparation to take the I-ACT certification test. I-ACT fees apply for this class.
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