At Digestive Wellness Centre, we teach the Shimadai technique of colon hydrotherapy, developed by Talmie L. de Shimadai. It is a gentle colon hydrotherapy technique, which involves massage, breathing, and positioning techniques to help the recipient to relax and the colon to better release its content. In the course, attention is given to nutritional preparation for colon hydrotherapy. Receive an extensive comprehensive Digestive Wellness Centre education! As you embark on your colon hydrotherapy profession, your experience will be enhanced with an introduction to the Digestive Wellness Centre program of living foods nutrition, as well as other integrated disciplines.

    We are an I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) certified school of Colon Hydrotherapy. The Foundation level course will enable you to become a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and begin working within the field of colonics or begin you own practice. We will train you on Class II open and close colon hydrotherapy devices.

    Our goal is to educate our students with the latest up-to-date information and techniques within the field of colon therapy. We strive to send highly qualified colon therapist into the public arena, with techniques for the for the open and close colon hydrotherapy systems, in hopes that they will be able to guide people on their road to wellness.

    offer course work in colon therapy throughout the year. Please see our calendar for our most recent times and dates. After you have completed the coursework and successfully passed the tests you will be able to start your career in the field of Colon Hydrotherapy.

    Our Foundational Colon Hydrotherapy program is $3,000. Prices are subject to change. Services and amenities included in the tuition are:

* A comprehensive Digestive Wellness Center manual
* Healthy Breakfast and Lunch
* Green Juices 2 times daily, including wheatgrass water
* One specialized massage
* Three colon hydrotherapy sessions during the program

    Our Shimadai Digestive Health Educator Program is designed for those who desire to become certified colon Hydrotherapist/digestive restoration specialist. All attendees are welcome for an orientation of the Digestive Wellness Center program during their stay.

    All tuition deposits are nonrefundable. Deposits of candidates who do not qualify will be returned with notification less a $150 administration fee. All applicants will be contacted upon acceptance into the program and will be mailed a welcome package containing information about the Digestive Wellness Centre certification guidelines and basic needs.

    The Digestive Wellness Centre Certification Program offers personal and professional experiences in four principle areas:

    • Our Health Empowerment Journey
    • Living Foods Nutritional Education
    • Personal Renewal for Discovery
    • Cutting-edge Techniques
    • Real Time Coaching

    $3000 Certification Program for Colon Hydrotherapy includes books, 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions, ear candling, massage, breakfast & lunch. Our basic colon hydrotherapy course is 100 hours. Package includes:

    • All books and Study Materials
    • Massage & Ear Coning Sessions upon Arrival
    • Welcome Celebration & Live Discussion
    • A.M. & P.M. Vegetable Juicing & Wheatgrass
    • Healthy Lunch During the Course
    • Three colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Sessions
    • Understanding the Art of Knowing Self and Connecting with Others
    • Discount on Colon Hydrotherapy Instrument
    • Supplement Information


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